The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation Renames Three Signature Awards

February 17, 2021

(NEW YORK) — The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation, a global research foundation dedicated to the study of violence, has adopted new names for its research awards.  

These awards, selected through rigorous peer-review competition and given to scholars without regard to citizenship, are keystones of a larger program of research, discussion, and dissemination of ideas. All represent the Foundation’s enduring commitment to scholarly research—both basic and applied—into the causes and amelioration of violence. 

“A change of title might seem like a small matter, but these new names much more accurately reflect the experience, prominence, and focus of the scholars who receive these grants,” said president Daniel F. Wilhelm. “Moreover, they more accurately capture the promise this work has shown over decades to explicate more fully the causes and control of violence to those within the academy and those in the realms of practice and policy.”

The name changes do not affect the work of scholars currently funded by the Foundation.  

The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation is a leader in creating and disseminating knowledge on the nature, consequences, and reduction of violence in its many forms, including war, crime, and human aggression.

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Nyeleti Honwana, Program Officer | 646.428.0976

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