Robert Jackall
Class of 1956 Professor of Sociology and Social Thought, Williams College; HFG grantee
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13. Political Violence

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14. Political Murder

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15. The Violence of Despots

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B. Interpersonal Violence

16. Honor and Violence 1

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17. Honor and Violence 2

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18. Antagonisms between the Sexes

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19. Self-Destructiveness

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C. Criminal Violence

20. Criminal Violence 1

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21. Criminal Violence 2

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22. Punishment

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Part IV: Forces of Order and Peace

23. Peaceful Traditional Societies

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24. Heroic Dissent, Moral Exhortation, and Nonviolence

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25. The Use of Force and the Threat of Force

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26. Law, Bureaucracy, and the Search for Tolerable Compromises

- Max Weber, "Bureaucracy" and "Religious Rejections of the World and Their Directions." From Max Weber: Essays in Sociology, trans. and ed. H. H. Gerth and C. Wright Mills (New York: Oxford University Press, 1946), 196-244; 323-359, and notes.

Part V: Conclusion

27. Reflections on Violence and the Human Condition 1
28. Reflections on Violence and the Human Condition 2


The following colleagues contributed invaluable suggestions to enrich this syllabus or indispensable technical assistance to bring it to fruition: Beverly Boni, Rebecca Brassard, Michael F. Brown, Shirley Bushika, Donna Chenail, Eric Cohen, Kathleen Crandall, Don DeGrenier, Charles Dew, Ronald Favreau, Samuel Fleischacker, Al Goethals, Duffy Graham, Linda Hall, Janice M. Hirota, Jo-Ann Irace, Yuriko Hirota Jackall, Peter Just, Thomas Kohut, Phyllis Peterson, Francis Oakley, Arthur J. Vidich, Margaret Weyers, and Betty Zimmerberg. Very special thanks to Joan Walling, without whose help the project could not have been completed.

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