Title: "Horrors of war" during the Roman expansion to the Hellenistic world: The impact of war economy on civilians, 88-63 B.C.
Name: Toni Ñaco del Hoyo
ICREA Research Professor,
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona,
toni.naco@icrea.cat / toni.naco@uab.cat
Year: 2007
Type: Research Grant
Summary: For the past few years and, starting in 2009, as Research Professor with the Catalan Institute of Research and Advanced Studies (ICREA), I have led a research team in the field of Greek and Roman history based at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and funded with the help of U.S. non-profit organizations (2007: H.F.Guggenheim Foundation research grant, briefly entitled "Horrors of War") and Spanish and Catalan public institutions. My team and I have carried out research on interrelated topics in classical antiquity, such as public policies after disasters, the effects of collateral damage during war and postwar periods, and the significance of peacebuilding efforts. Some of our latest research results have been featured in recent publications (including a forthcoming book) and in the organization of national workshops and international conferences, such as the "Icrea Conference on Multipolarity and Warlordism in the Ancient Mediterranean, cent. IV-I BCE", which took place in Barcelona on May 23-25, 2013. The conference volume will be published at the "Impact of Empire" Series from Brill Editor (Leiden-Boston) after the publication proposal has been accepted (Ñaco-López 2015, in progress). In December 2012, the Catalan International Institute for Peace published a policy paper I co-authored with two of my colleagues (Gómez-Ñaco-Principal 2012). The work which went into the writing of this paper brought to the fore the need for further theoretical study of the high-casualty catastrophes which unfolded in the ancient classical world--which modern scholars term "humanitarian crises"--and of how the societies of the time responded to them. Equally, in 2013 my team and I published two articles on similar topics: Gómez-Ñaco-Vidal 2013 on postwar and peacebuilding policies and Ñaco-Nappo 2013, on the economic consequences of tsunamis in the ancient world.

Gómez, D.; Ñaco, T. Principal, J., "War, politics and peacebuilding: Thoughts and practical guidelines derived from ancient times," Policy Paper, Institut Català Internacional per la Pau (ICIP) (online journal), Dec. 2012. http://www20.gencat.cat/docs/icip/Continguts/Publicacions/Policypapers/2012/Arxius/Policy _Paper_07_ENG.pdf

Ñaco, T., "Garrisons, coins and war stress (89-63 BC) in Late Hellenistic towns," in F.López-Sánchez (ed.), The city and the coin in Ancient and Early Medieval Worlds, B.A.R., Int.Ser. 2402, Oxford, 2012, 49-60.

Ñaco, T., Nappo, D., "When the waters recede. Economic impact of tsunamis in the Graeco-Roman world," Revue Belge de Philologie et d'Histoire, 91, 2013, 45-68.